Corporate Philanthropy in Ethical Framework and Some Discussion Issues Over It

Corporate Philanthropy in Ethical Framework and Some Discussion Issues Over It
Feruzjola Avxhi

Corporate philanthropy is an issue that nowadays is getting more and more sensitive. Even more complicated becomes when we analyze this in ethical frameworks. Philanthropy is relatively a new concept, but this day is becoming quite a trend. In modern society it is embedded within the political institutions of the state. What we find surprising, is that they are encouraging and rewarding this gap-widening. Through many others, the most used mean is through Strategic Corporate Philanthropy, which is the process by which contributions aimed to meet business objectives and recipient needs. This can be achieved only by integration of philanthropy into the overall strategic planning of the corporation, its mission and vision in finding ways to meet responsibilities to shareholders and stakeholders, and especially to employees and their communities. This, according to the literature is becoming the state of the art in corporate contribution management. Integrating corporate philanthropy is a critical aspect of any business proposition and requires extensive actors to be involved. But how possible is the cooperation between corporate and the others? Can be the philanthropy the solution of the problems that our society is facing because of those giant economic organizations called corporations, which are ruling the world economy? How ethical are their actions? And in the end, is philanthropy the corporate duty? All this questions I have tried to answer in this paper work, consisting mainly in research and not only, by treating the outcomes of corporate philanthropy in ethical framework.

Philanthropy, ethics, corporations, human.

Corporate Philanthropy in Ethical Framework and Some Discussed Issues Over It