Honor Killing A Cultural Issue: Global or Regional?

Honor Killing A Cultural Issue: Global or Regional?

Sunay FIRAT, Yiğit İLTAŞ, Mete K. GÜLMEN


Honor killings which are in contradiction with the fact that a woman as an individual is the only person to have a right on her own body/sexuality and which form a serious violation to her right to life continues to exist. The committed murders by the motive of honor conception whose definitional limits are not clear and out of which every person of the society, especially the men, make sense according to their own experiences are the most explicit indicators of violence against the woman. With the cases whose decisions are taken in Adana 3rd Criminal Court, understanding of the relationship that exists between the individual environmental factors of honor-based killings committed by family members and the reasons behind such acts in various cultural contexts have been tried to put forward. Based on the fact that it is requisite to prevent such kind of killings for a country which take human rights as a reference to its legal and social practices, a variety of solution offers have been tried to be presented as they are thought to be effective in fight against honor killings.


Honor Killings, Custom, Cultural Issues, Forensic Sciences, JurisprudenceHonor Killing A Cultural Issue Global or Regional